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Readers Respond: What Made You Decide To Try the E-Cigarette?

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Updated January 27, 2012

The e-cigarette, short for electronic cigarette, is a battery powered device designed to help you quit smoking. Many people say that they work. If you currently use the E-cigarette, why did you decide to try it? Share Your Story

Down to 1 cig a day

I was smoking 15-20 cigs a day, now since I'm using the e-cigarette I have only smoked 1 a day. I believe the reason behind the scary story is the big aigrette companies that are putting their money into discrediting the e-cigs as they are loosing millions. If they really think they are worse then cigs they need to pay and have the studies done and prove it to us. There is obviously a reason why they aren't doing that!
—Guest G-Man

E-cigs Have Helped Me

I smoked for 46 years and was diagnosed with emphysema last year. I have tried virtually everything to quit. I have been using an e-cig since December 2013. I feel so much better and have no desire whatsoever to smoke a real cigarette. If you can quit without it, go for it. I hope that some serious research comes to light soon on the efficacy of e-cigs. in the meantime, the e-cig has been a lifesaver for me and I will never go back to traditional cigarettes.
—Guest Scott

We Need More Studies

I think much more study needs to be done on these devices before we can begin to weigh the risks and benefits. As a respiratory therapist I am often asked about e-cigarette devices and all I can tell my patients, honestly, is that we don't really know. The FDA will not conduct real studies unless the manufacturers PAY for them. That means a LOT of money and they have no real motive to spend that much. If the FDA gets to regulate these devices as a drug then the process will be VERY expensive and likely drive the prices up significantly, so if you're vaping to save money pray the FDA doesn't get involved. On the other hand, it would be good to know what's in the 'juice' that makes the whole thing work, and what effects it might have on the ingredients to be heated to the vaporizing point. In short you vaporize glycol or glycerine as a nicotine carrier instead of smoke. But what do we really know about the long term effects of coating the lungs with glycol/glycerine continually?
—Guest EricRT

You Might be Allergic to PG

First a thought on some people who have described burning in their chest. A friend of mine is allergic to Propylene Glycol and had a similar reaction. He now vaporizes 100% vegetable glycerine juices with no adverse reactions. I started smoking 9 years ago and up until last year I had tried everything in my effort to quit. Cold turkey made me so mad I would have mental flashes of committing random acts of assault against anyone in view. NRTs and Chantix made me sick and had minimal impact on cravings. I had tried ecigs in the past, but the small ones that look like cigarettes never worked well enough to stick with them (expensive cartriges, short battery life, long shipping times). Last year I finally discovered Advanced Personal Vaporizers. Everything from the body, battery size, right down to the gauge and type of coil(s) in the atomizer are replaceable and customizable to suit individual needs. 1 battery can last me 2 days now, a 15$ bottle of 6mg juice (down from 24mg) for 2 week
—Guest EC

It's helping!

I had tried several brands of e-cigs, I was leery of the juice produced in China, and the Propylene glycol ingredient. I found a brand that uses FCC vegetable glycerin (VG) and is made in the USA, The actual ingredients are Distilled water, nicotine, VG, Natural flavors, Artificial flavors, Citric acid. Not sure if those ingredients give me a false sense of security compared to the juice that has more additives, especially one that is used in anti-freeze. It is helping me not smoke, I have been cigarette free for 1 day, before that was an impossibility. Good luck to others that are trying to quit!
—Guest Day by Day

My Vape Expiriences

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 18, I'm now 23. As e-cigarettes grew in popularity, I've tried a few different ones. Ultimately they came to be too potent or not strong enough to support my habit. Although I will admit I never intended the use as a quitting assistance as much as an alternative. Recently I purchased a vaporizer ( same basic idea a the e-cigarette but larger in size, more customizable for my habit and adjustable levels of nicotine concentration and rate of deliver). I thoroughly enjoy using it. In just 2 days I have gone from an average of one and a half packs a day ( 30 cigarettes) to one single cigarette, at the most. Yes there are health concerns as this article has addressed. However I will take my chances with the "vape" and it's known as well as the unknown over the THOUSANDS of known chemicals in traditional cigarettes.
—Guest Jesse

Tired of the Smell of Tobacco

I've smoked cigs for 15+yrs. I've had enough of the smell consuming my home/car. Tired of ashtrays/ashes in car. Burn holes etc. I decided to switch to the e-cig because I'll cut my expenses and everyone else doesn't have to smell it. I don't have to go outside to smoke while working either. Plus,there are waaaaaay less toxins in the e cig. Seems a simple choice to me.
—Guest lynnthebeau

Smoked for 42 years, quit instantly

Haven't had a cigarette in almost a year. Enough said. If you are a smoker, try them! Don't listen to the misinformation about e-cigarettes. Kids are not going to use e-cigarettes and switch to tobacco.
—Guest ChrisUp2Late


What made me try it ?? Put it this way it saved my life I have not smoked a analog almost a year and saved $4500 this year and this is what cigarettes where always suppose to be ! Give this Dude who invented it a Nobel Peace Prize have him sit with Presidents of Countries and Vape Vaping is saving lives everyday I am so happy that this made me stop so easy it's a joke ! Nothing works like this nothing I must have purchased $300 in e-juice and around $200 for all the different batteries I went thoroughly till I found the best one for me so I saved so much money just to stop for that is worth it if you don't care about health .vape on brothers and sisters and save a ton of money I felt so stupid spending 4500 to 6000 every year to kill my self .
—Guest Twin Vape.

Wanted to quit but couldn't

Never was able to quit cold turkey or with the patches. I tried the e-cigarette and immediately cut my smoking in half. Then went to 4 or 5 cigs a day and finally none. I don't even crave a cigarette any more. It's a lifesaver for me.
—Guest Raymond Charles


For many years I have tried to quit smoking cigarettes. After many attempts through the years I tried the e-cig. I have been using the e-cig for one year and feel fine. No withdrawals or crankiness. Now my goal is to stop using the e-cig. I can breath better, walk and exercise with no gasping. Anyone who is a cigarette smoker owes it to themselves for a healthier way of life.
—Guest carol

Grandkids: The Best Reason to Use E-cigs

My 4 year old grandson watched a few commercials about the bad effects of smoking . He looked me in the eyes and said "Nana, if you keep smoking, you'll lose your leg!" I was devastated that my smoking made him afraid. We never allowed anyone to smoke around him, because we know it could hurt him. He gave his parents the same speech. We listened. We are now smoke free but none of us could have done it without e-cigs. We use the Ego type . It's also cheaper than smoking. I coughed more than usual for about 3 days & then it seemed like my lungs felt "cleaned out". I feel better physically & will possibly have more time with the best grandson in the world!
—Guest Linda Bellamy

Not For Me

After wanting to kick the habit and having a mild heart attack 3 years ago I decided to try E cigs. First attempt last year saw me getting headaches when using them. Anyway, things should get better with time and development so I purchased a starter kit and these worked a treat (just like smoking a real cig) a few days into the e cigs I noticed an unusual feeling in my chest and my heart missed the occasional beat ( very similar to when the doctor tried to ween me off of the beta blockers that were prescribed by the hospital) BTW I had had a stent fitted in an artery. My general health had been fine up to this point, anyway the unusual feeling and irregular heart beat got worse so I stopped the E cigs and things went back to normal. BTW I did notice that although not anything like normal cigs but the e cigs did leave a slight smell and there was definitely a small amount of smoke knocking around in the room which was more noticeable when the sun shone in through the window. No way!
—Guest Old Timer

Bad Effects From E-Cigs

I have tried 3 different e-cigs over the years, as I have COPD & after 43 yrs of smoking wanted to try & give up. Every time I have tried these my breathing has become much worse, plus feeling dizzy & very unwell. The last time I used one was 3 days ago & I am still having far more problems breathing than I ever have off roll-up cigarettes, plus still feel very unwell. I have thrown the e-cig away now & will not try this method again to give up. I would sooner have the withdrawal symptoms. Not only that, I noticed last time I used it that some liquid escaped onto my lips & was very sweet & bitter at the same time. I am now concerned that these cigarettes may contain aspartame or something very similar.

Helped Me Not Smoke

I have been smoking for the last 40 years and I got an e-cig and it has helped me as I have not had a fag for 8 weeks now. I have emphysema.
—Guest Theresa

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What Made You Decide To Try the E-Cigarette?

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