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Advair Diskus: All You Need to Know

Are you taking Advair for COPD or asthma? If so, you may want to review this complete guide to Advair to familiarize yourself with its side effects and precautionary warnings.

COPD Drug Profiles: Don't Be in the Dark
COPD Spotlight10

Sadly, I Bid Farewell!

It is with great sadness that I announce today that as of May 1, 2014, I am resigning as COPD Guide for About.com. I have had a wonderful experience here at

Mercy or Murder? Woman Convicted of Murdering Mother Suffering from Emphysema

Jurors of England's Plymouth Crown Court took only one hour to  find 49-year old Angela Douglas guilty of murdering her 73-year-old mother. Douglas, a heavy

Managing End of Life Issues in COPD

Research has shown that in spite of COPD being associated with severe disability and premature death, COPD patients are still receiving inadequate end of life

Advair Diskus: What You Need to Know?

Dyspnea - wheezing - cough - many of you talk Advair to help relieve your COPD symptoms. If you're new to taking Advair or you need a refresher, check out the

4 Vitamins Important in COPD Treatment

The debate over the role of vitamins in COPD treatment may never end. However, recent evidence suggests that eating foods packed with certain vitamins may

4 Vitamins Important in COPD Treatment

There is growing evidence to support the beneficial relationship between vitamins and COPD. The following includes a list vitamins (and minerals) that you may want to consider adding to your COPD diet.

Advair Diskus: What You Need to Know

Advair is a combination of two medications used to treat COPD. Find our more about Advair.

Two New Approaches to Treating Inflammation in COPD

It is becoming increasingly evident that inflammation plays a major role in COPD and many other chronic diseases. Traditionally, inflammation in COPD has been

New Study Shows E-Cigarettes Don't Help You Quit

You only have to view the TV commercial featuring Stephen Dorff puffing on the end of an e-cigarette to understand how trendy they've become. But the

U.S. COPD Coalition: New Resource for COPD

Mention the word "COPD" to one of your acquaintances and chances are they won't know what you're talking about. It's true, one of the biggest differences

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