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Where to Find a COPD Clinical Trial


Updated January 23, 2009

If you have ever wanted to participate in medical research, knowing where to find a COPD clinical trial is the first step in the participation process.

Why Participate in a COPD Clinical Trial?

COPD clinical trials can offer a glimmer of hope to patients who may not have many other options. New COPD medications, treatments or surgeries can improve quality of life and even prolong survival.

To get an idea of how clinical trials already influence your daily life, think about your current medication regimen. I doubt that the bronchodilator that you took this morning to help you breathe better throughout the day would exist at all without the hard work and research that was executed during a COPD clinical trial.

Where to Find COPD Clinical Trials?

Finding a COPD clinical trial can be as easy as doing an online search for one. Deciding which one is right for you, though, may prove a bit more challenging.

Below you will find a list of places to find ongoing and upcoming COPD clinical trials:

  • ClinicalTrials.gov--A comprehensive, online database of clinical trials, which is updated frequently and provides a wealth of information about each trial's purpose, eligibility criteria, location and contact information.
  • CenterWatch.com--A global source of news and related information about clinical trials for patients and healthcare professionals. You can even receive notification via email when new clinical trials are posted.
  • Clinical Connection--Love their mantra: "Tomorrow's cures are in clinical trials today!" The site includes a large database of trials for COPD, as well as trial notification via email and a message board for online participants.

If you are having difficulty deciding which clinical trial is right for you, be sure to read:

15 Questions to Ask your Doctor About COPD Clinical Trials

And, as you start your search, if you become aware of any interesting clinical trials for COPD, please post them in the COPD forum:

Participation in a Clinical Trial: Share About Current Studies

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