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If you are struggling to manage your COPD symptoms or have been told you are at risk for developing COPD, find out the newest treatment options available to help manage this devastating illness. Learn about the latest and most up-to-date clinical studies related to COPD and why they are important to people who have or are at risk for COPD.

COPD Clinical Trial - Have You Participated in a COPD Clinical Trial
A COPD clinical trial may offer new hope to patients suffering from COPD. Have you participated in a COPD clinical trial? Share your experience.

Where to Find a COPD Clinical Trial
Finding a COPD clinical trial can be as easy as doing an online search. Learn more about where to find a COPD clinical trial.

15 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About COPD Clinical Trials
If participation in a clinical trial is an option for you, then getting answers to clinical trial questions is notably important. Learn clinical trial questions to ask your doctor.

COPD and Clinical Trials
COPD clinical trials are closely related. Clinical trials can help doctors detect, diagnose and treat many illnesses like COPD. Learn more information about clinical trials and COPD with this handy guide to COPD and clinical trials.

Types of Clinical Trials
There are 5 different types of clinical trials. Learn how each type serves a specific purpose and how to differentiate between them.

Phases of Clinical Trials
Just as there are different types of clinical trials, there are also different steps, or phases. Learn more about the phases of clinical trials in order to understand their differences.

Studies Reveal Link Between Psoriasis and COPD
Find out more about a possible link between psoriasis and COPD. This article is a must read for anyone who suffers from psoriasis and is a smoker.

Furosemide Helps Relieve Exertional Dyspnea in COPD Patients
Read more about how furosemide, AKA lasix, can help to relieve shortness of breath due to exercise in patients who have COPD.

Quitting Smoking May Reverse Lung Damage
Studies have shown that quitting smoking may reverse lung damage. Find out more about this latest research from About.com's Smoking Cessation Guide Site.

Pesticides Discovered in Cigarettes
Read this shocking article from About.com's Smoking Cessation Guide Site to discover what research has found in cigarettes.

FDA Issues Warning About COPD Medication Spiriva
In March, 2008, the FDA announced that the COPD medication, Spiriva, may cause a potentially fatal complication. Find out more about why the FDA issued this warning.

Sildenafil (Viagra) May Improve Activities of Daily Living in COPD
Studes have shown that Sildenafil (Viagra) may help those with COPD improve their daily living activities. Visit Medical News Today to find out more about the latest medical findings surrounding Sildenafil.

Does How You Quit Smoking Determine Your Success?
A study found a link between successful smoking cessation and the ways in which you quit. Find out more about this research study from About.com's Smoking Cessation Guide Site.

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