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Body Plethysmography


Updated June 21, 2014

Definition: Body plethsmography is one of many pulmonary function tests which determines how much air is present in your lungs when you take a deep breath and how much air is left in your lungs after you exhale as much as you can.

In patients with COPD, the amount of air left in the lungs during the breathing process is more than normal. Body plethysmography helps your doctor know more about your lung disease and how to treat it.

How the Test is Performed

You will be required to sit in an enclosed plastic box and then, wearing a nosepiece, you will be instructed on how to breath through a mouthpiece.

Risks Involved

There are no significant risks involved with this test, however, if you have problems with claustrophobia, you may want to talk with your doctor about this prior to the test.

Also Known As: Respiratory inductance plethysmography
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