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COPD Treatment Guidelines

GOLD Treatment Guidelines Throughout the Stages of COPD


Updated June 18, 2014

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COPD treatment guidelines are set forth by the Global Initiative for Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) and optimized for every stage/grade of the disease. The following lists GOLD treatment guidelines for GOLD I: Mild COPD, GOLD II: Moderate COPD, GOLD III: Severe COPD and GOLD IV: Very Severe COPD:

1. Treatment Guidelines for GOLD I: Mild COPD

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If you've been diagnosed with GOLD I: Mild COPD, you may not yet notice your COPD symptoms. The good news about being in the early stages of the disease is that by making a few basic lifestyle changes and following your COPD treatment plan, you may be able to slow its progression.

2. Treatment Guidelines for GOLD II: Moderate COPD

Pulmonary Rehab
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If you've reached GOLD II: Moderate COPD, you are probably just noticing your symptoms, which generally start with dyspnea that worsens with activity. You may also notice that you are coughing more and have more mucus than you usually do.

3. Treatment Guidelines for GOLD III: Severe COPD

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People with GOLD III: Severe COPD, often have worsening shortness of breath, a reduced tolerance to exercise, greater fatigue and more frequent episodes of COPD exacerbation that can severely impact quality of life.

4. Treatment Guidelines for GOLD IV: Very Severe COPD

Lung Surgery
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If you've been diagnosed with GOLD IV: Very Severe COPD, you may suffer from frequent, life-threatening exacerbations that dramatically affect your quality of life along with other worsening COPD symptoms.
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