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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for People With COPD & Other Chronic Illnesses

8 Great Christmas Gifts for Someone You Love Who Has a Chronic Illness


Updated December 21, 2012

Looking for last minute Christmas gift ideas for people with COPD or other chronic illnesses? This year, give a gift that is priceless as well as centered around health, wellness, well-being and spirituality. Check out this year's list of my personal favorites:

1. MedGift

Photo courtesy of MedGift
This Christmas, encourage your loved one to join MedGift, the free gift registry that celebrates life. MedGift is an innovative idea that was sparked when, at the height of her professional career, 23 year-old Diem Brown learned she had ovarian cancer. Faced with the many challenges of chemotherapy and expensive medical bills, she created MedGift as a way to accept, organize and keep track of the many offers of help received from co-workers, friends and family.

Coupled with the added benefit of social media, MedGift is a unique gift registry that allows patients to focus on their specific needs, wants and wishes during their personal journey through treatment of chronic illness. Find out more about this innovative solution to a very common problem.

2. Wellness Gift Basket

Wellness Gift Basket
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A perfect gift for those who want to toast to their health this holiday season, a wellness gift basket offers treats for all of life's guilty pleasures - without the guilt. From organic, all-natural gourmet snacks to tasty teas and other tempting treats, promoting wellness is one of the best things you can do for someone with a chronic illness like COPD.

3. YMCA Membership

Photo courtesy of Getty Images, photographer David Hallet
Exercise is one of the most overlooked aspects of managing COPD. It can help COPD patients utilize oxygen more efficiently, improve their mood, sleep and overall quality of life. Oftentimes, however, it's difficult for people to stay focused, especially when they lack motivation that often comes with joining a formal exercise group or gym. If your loved one has difficulty sticking to a home-based exercise program, why not give them a membership to the local YMCA. A non-profit organization that's been around for nearly 160 years, the Y has much more to offer than just swimming, sports and recreation. In addition, they offer programs on health, wellness and well being, social services and volunteerism. The YMCA has affordable programs for seniors, kids, the military and the entire family. Support your local YMCA by visiting their website and purchasing a membership today.

4. Home Pulmonary Rehab Equipment

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Pulmonary rehabilitation is part of the gold standard of care for people with COPD, from the second, to the final stages of the disease. It has many benefits for COPD patients, most importantly increasing COPD life expectancy in some patients. It may not be possible for every patient, however, to attend a formal pulmonary rehab program. Whether insurance doesn't cover it or there isn't one nearby, pulmonary rehab is not always easily accessible. That's why a home exercise program that includes traditional pulmonary rehabilitation equipment may be one of the best gifts you can give this year. Take a look at some common equipment used in a pulmonary rehab program and see what you can do to get someone with COPD active again and on the road to a better quality of life.

5. Meditation CD

Meditation CD
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There's nothing like meditation to reduce stress, improve immune function, lower the rate of breathing, normalize blood pressure and help people give up destructive habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Whether you enjoy guided imagery or staying in the moment with mindfulness techniques, there is a meditative practice for literally everyone.

6. COPD Home Exercise DVD

Functional Fitness for COPD
Photo courtesy of Suzanne Andrews
Many people with COPD prefer exercising in the comfort of their own homes doing something they really enjoy. Tai chi - chair exercises - yoga - pilates - the list is endless if you're trying to find the perfect choice for that special someone during the holidays. The following are my top 10 exercise DVDs for people with COPD and other chronic illnesses.

7. Amazon Kindle

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Reading is a gift that many people still treasure, especially when they can get the book they want to read in a virtual minute. And, reading can also promote relaxation and stress relief, both important in the management of COPD. The Amazon Kindle, one of the best selling E-readers on the market, is a great Christmas gift for the avid reader who loves to read, yet wants quick and easy access to their reading materials. The Kindle holds hundreds of books, is compact enough to fit in your pocket, purse or briefcase and offers over a million title selections.

8. Gift Certificate: Choose From a Huge Assortment

Gift Certificate
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Are you at a total loss when it comes to buying for that special someone in your life who has COPD and is a bit difficult to shop for? You can't go wrong with a gift certificate. From Apple I-Tunes to Neiman Marcus, choose from literally hundreds of picks and give the gift that's bound to be appreciated.
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