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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

COPD Patients Can Improve Quality of Life with Pulmonary Rehab


Updated June 17, 2014

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehab

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Pulmonary rehabilitation is considered to be the "gold standard" of treatment for people with COPD. Using a multidisciplinary team approach, pulmonary rehabilitation covers all aspects of COPD management including education, exercise, relaxation, breathing techniques, nutritional advice, emotional support and the development of coping skills.

Goals of a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

The primary goals of a traditional pulmonary rehabilitation program are to:

  • Minimize COPD symptoms
  • Decrease disability
  • Increase participation in physical and social activities
  • Promote independence
  • Improve quality of life
  • Reduce hospitalizations, thereby reducing overall healthcare costs

Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation have been studied extensively. They include:

  • Improved survival
  • Improved exercise tolerance
  • Lessened perception of breathlessness
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced hospitalization time and hospitalizations per year
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Improved arm function
  • Improved respiratory muscles (when combined with general exercises)

Techniques Learned Through Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Most pulmonary rehab programs are accomplished on an outpatient basis and normally run two to three times a week for six to eight weeks.

Team members may include physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, dietitians, psychologists, cardiopulmonary technicians, social workers, pharmacists and nurses.

Among the many techniques you will learn are:

During your pulmonary rehabilitation program, a great emphasis will be placed on patient and family education. This enables you to better manage your disease at home with the help of knowledgeable family members.

Is Pulmonary Rehab Covered By Insurance and If So, Where Can I Find a Program?

While most insurance companies will pay for a pulmonary rehab program, check with your physician to make sure you qualify. For a list of pulmonary rehabilitation programs in your area, contact the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (312-321-5146) or your local chapter of the American Lung Association.

What Should You Remember About a Pulmonary Rehab Program?

The benefits derived from pulmonary rehabilitation are only as extensive as your willingness to practice what you've learned on a regular basis and to continue to exercise once the program ends. Your program instructor should give you a list of exercises that you should perform concurrently with your supervised sessions at least 2 to 3 days per week either at home or at a local gym. Upon discharge, continue an exercise program 4 to 5 days per week to maintain the benefits gained from your program.

I Want Pulmonary Rehab But Don't Qualify or Can't Get to a Program. What Can I Do?

If you're unable to get to a traditional pulmonary rehab program, join a local gym and enlist the help of one of their trainers. You can also create a pulmonary rehab program in the comfort of your own home. Compare prices on pulmonary exercise equipment for your home and, with your doctor's approval, start your own home-based program today.

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