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Readers Respond: How Do You Protect Yourself in Cold Weather?

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Updated May 01, 2014

Cold weather can cause many problems for COPD patients, including making COPD symptoms worse. If you have COPD, how do you protect yourself from cold weather? Share your story.

Scarf and More

Like most people, a loose scarf around the mouth and nose and a cap does it for me.

I Avoid Going Out

And, if I do HAVE to go out for snow removal, I wear a mask or a scarf.

Heaters and Scarves

COPD is hard to live with but I have had no heating or hot water in my house for one week now. My hubby and I and the dogs are living in bedroom with heaters on to stay warm. When I leave the room, I have to wear scarf just to visit [another room].
—Guest skye

Always Have Mouth Covered

It only took a few times for me to learn to always wear something over my nose and mouth.. I would be SOB just walking to the car and when I would get inside I would start coughing and even vomited.

Struggles With COPD

I do everything that docs recommend with no results, Nothing helps. Any suggestions? It is difficult to live with COPD. Any great pulmonary docs in DC?
—Guest copd sucks

Layers of Clothing, Hat and Scarf.

I don't leave the house in cold weather without a hat and scarf. Layers of clothing keep me warm. The hat keeps heat in and the scarf, wrapped around ( not to tight ) my mouth and nose helps with breathing even with O2.

Stay Inside and Stay Warm

When it gets cooler outdoors, I want to stay in and snuggle. If I have to venture out I dress in many layers, cover my head and face with a scarf or even a mask. Cold air just takes my breath away. And I take Ms. Leader's advice -- she knows so much about COPD.
—Guest davidgarmon

Breathe Better, But Stay Warm

I also breathe better in cooler air; however, I wear jacket/coat, hat and maybe a scarf to be sure to stay warm. I like cool / cold air.

I Can Breathe Better in Cold Weather

I get really hot and out of breath when cooking, so I have to take short breaks every few minutes. My back deck is right off from my kitchen. So, in the winter, I go out on the back deck to cool off. In the summer, when it's too hot to go outside to cool off, I stand over the air conditioner vent!

Warm Scarf

I wear a warm scarf around my face every time I go out. If I don't I will lose my breath very quickly. It does not bother my 02. It works.

Why Am I Suffering So Much?

When I go out in the cold weather, I really suffer badly! Yet, I am supposed to have mild COPD. If this is mild, I don`t want to be around for severe COPD.
—Guest william ford

Help in Cold Weather

I do not leave the house just after a shower or bath, or if my hair is still a little damp. This can cause you problems. I cover my mouth when outside to keep the cold air from hitting my airways and causing me to cough. The cold air shocks your airways.
—Guest Gloria Eubanks

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The one thing I have been taught is to cover my head with a hat because we lose so much heat from it [our heads]. The other thing is, to wrap a scarf around you so you are covering your mouth and nose as to not breath in cold air to the lungs.

Dress Warm, Keep the House Warm

Cold weather makes me feel worse, as far as my COPD goes. I heard somewhere that if you don't keep warm, you are at a higher risk for colds, so, I make sure I dress really warm in the winter and keep my home 72 degrees inside.

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