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Readers Respond: How Has Your Weight Affected Your Life

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Updated May 01, 2014

I Can't Buy The Clothes I Want

Eeeekkk, I have COPD but I still like to look good. Unfortunately, my weight prevents me from buying and wearing the clothes I love. Yesterday, I went shopping for a suit and could not even fit into a woman's size 16. Time to go on a diet.
—Guest Rita

Obesity and COPD

Things seem impossible with COPD, obesity and diabetes. I have no joy left in my life. My friends don't understand and I have no family. All the doctor keeps saying is lose weight, lose weight. Anyone have any answers?
—Guest JoAnn Roberts

Overweight With COPD

I was a little overweight before and have gained 20 pounds more. I know its bad for me, Trying to go down.

Obesity and COPD

I can totally empathize with Alan because I, too, have gained weight since being diagnosed. Along with the weight gain has come feelings of depression and isolation. I too am looking for friends, and, together, maybe we can help each other though both good days and bad days.
—Guest Joel

Made Things A Lot Worse

Since having COPD, I have gained over 100 lbs. The main reason, because I am so short of breath I can't do anything. Being diagnosed with COPD was bad enough. Obestiy makes my life ten times worse, as now I really can't breathe and I am so socially isolated, it is not funny. I think I will post more in your forum! I need friends.
—Guest Alan

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