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Readers Respond: Share Your Tips for Traveling With COPD

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Updated May 01, 2014

From the article: Traveling With COPD
Traveling with COPD can be challenging, even for the most seasoned traveler. If you have COPD and have traveled once, twice or extensively with the disease, share your travel tips with others to help make their travel experience safer and more enjoyable.

Other ideas to save you grief and money

Some if not all, airlines require your Doctor Permission to fly letter to be on his letter head stationery. Take your charger cables to the airport and use the AC outlet to recharge your batteries. American airlines has power to some seats so ask if you can use those seats. They will probably say no. Take your oxyimeter with you to check on the oxygen level during flight. Don't forget you can go the limit on your machine. Mine (inogen 2) can deliver 5ml. Carry you bottle requlator with you, you can always get bottled oxy at your destination. Take you dc charger for use when you drive at your destination. Enuff for now. Miguel.
—Guest Miguel Morris

Washer and Pliers

I carry an extra washer in my wallet and pair of pliers in car trunk; can sub for the oxygen tank key, in case the key is up in the hotel room.
—Guest sally

Talk To Airlines in Advance

If you are traveling with an oxygen concentrator be sure to discuss this with airline in advance. I have found that if you can pack the equipment in a case by itself, it travels as med equipment at no charge. When you are talking to the airline folks, and you are JUST shipping the concentrator, stress that it is NOT oxygen you are sending, it is the machine that produces oxygen. They get confused and are really concerned about oxygen on the plane. Bill
—Guest nybill

Tips for COPD persons travelling

Get lots of rest before travelling and while you're on vacation. Be realistic about how many escorted tours/day trips you can manage. Don't forget your inhaler. Keep it on your person. The food offerings may be different in the countries you visit. Remember your COPD diet regimen (if you follow one) while away. In the Caribbean I ate lots of fresh fruit, omelets and fish (when available) in hotel dining rooms. Budget your energy according to your ability. Rest when you're tired and don't panic if you experience shortness of breath. Lean against a wall and inhale and exhale till you can breathe easily. Let your follow travellers know you have COPD so they can understand your need to budget energy for activities. Most of all - have fun.
—Guest lesleyprince

Extra O2 Tank Regulator Washer

Always carry an extra Regulator Washer. You never know when you will drop one or it is cracked when swapping out tanks....


I have always taken two sets of medication on holiday. I always ensure that I have one set to cover the duration of the trip, plus a couple of extra days, in the suitcase, and then another set in the hand luggage. This gives me peace of mind that if one set goes astray I have always got back up. When there was the problem with the ash cloud and people were stranded abroad many did not have enough medication to last the extra days.

Ear Plugs

I always bring ear plugs when I travel. I use them aboard flights and in the hotels where I stay. They are a must have if you want to get rest while on the road.

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