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Readers Respond: How Do You Fight Fatigue?

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Updated May 01, 2014

Were you aware that fatigue is nearly 3 times greater in patients suffering from lung disease than in healthy adults? From having more sex to laughing your head off, share a few of your own fatigue-fighting tips to help others who are dealing with fatigue and COPD.

Plan Chores

I try to combine chores as much as possible to save energy. If I'm cooking, I'll scrub the kitchen counters and sink while I'm in the kitchen. I also sit to shower, and don't use a towel to dry, putting on a robe after the shower instead. Any time I can combine tasks, or do an ordinary task in an easier way, it saves energy and helps keep me from being fatigued.


When I cycle to work and use my turbo-inhaler on arrival, I feel more awake all day rather than being lazy and driving for 5 minutes in the morning ! Exercise is worth it, however minimal. You just got to get into the habit of doing it.
—Guest ipoNick

Deep Breathing Exercises

How about doing deep breathing exercises? If you are deficient in oxygen, you will be tired.
—Guest Ginger

Check To See If You Have Sleep Apnea

[Because I was so tired] my pulmonary doctor had me do a sleep test. I not only need oxygen but he said if I used a a CPAP machine, it would probably make me less tired. I believe this is the truth. When I use the CPAP with the oxygen, I do seem less tired.
—Guest anon

Managing Fatigue

The number one thing I have to keep remembering is that I had to change from hurry up and get the thing done, to slow down and take your time.

Fatigue Tips

Exercise as much as possible. Get as much sunshine as possible. Eat several small meals each day. Do daily tasks (cleaning., vacuuming, etc.) in 15 -20 min. segments. Be faithful in taking meds and supplements on a regular schedule.

Relaxation is the Key

What works for me is if I can make myself relax. Having fatigue doesn't mean that you are relaxed and as long as you push yourself to keep going the fatigue will continue. Doing deep breathing exercises helps as does relaxing with a good book, whatever it takes to help you to relax. When you quit fighting yourself your body will relax and your fatigue will resolve. Until the next time. Hope this helps.

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