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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Try an Herbal Remedy for COPD?

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Updated May 01, 2014

Herbal remedies remain popular among consumers, in spite of the lack of scientific evidence supporting claims that they really work. If you have ever tried an herbal remedy to treat the symptoms of COPD, what made you decide to do so?

Ivy and Thyme

I have been taking Ivy and Thyme tincture twice a day for the last three months and find it helps loosen any phlegm in tubes.
—Guest reay wilson@aol.com

Hawthorne Berry

I was diagnosed with COPD at age 35. I turned 61 last month. I quit smoking 12 years ago when I started oxygen 24/7. I use all the prescribed medications plus Hawthorne Berry. My doctor told me that he saw an improvement in my lung function, at which time he said that was very unusual.
—Guest TNWildflower

Clear Lungs/Chinese Herbal Formula

I been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis/COPD. I did a search on herbs and found clear lungs which is a Chinese herbal formula. I was taking Combivent as an inhaler and found the herbs are much more effective. Also checked the reviews on Amazon before purchasing and found it to be highly recommended. Hope this helps.

Herbal Remedies

Thank you to all of you who have shared your remedies. I am looking into all herbal alternatives. I just purchased, Sea Buckthorn 900 mg. capsules. Will let you know how it works.
—Guest Robert Hebshie

Lung Tonic

I used inhalers and got some relief but one day after breathing a lot of dust from a carpet my lungs became really bad inflamed. It felt like they had a sunburned. I went to the health food store to try anything. Tried several products but one had miraculous results for me. Lung Tonic - 1 oz - Liquid by Herbs Etc. I used the non-alcohol type. I started with 5 drops instead of 30 they recommended. Within a few minutes my lungs stopped burning. Ho-ray. You don't know how much a low cost herbal concoction has improved my life. My lungs were so sensitive I couldn't be very active. I would start having trouble breathing and then get anxiety attacks. I've been using this for 4 days now and I keep getting better and have accomplished a lot. All the things that piled up I needed to do I'm slowly chipping away at now. If you have COPD try this. You can get it in small amounts and it's not extremely expensive. If it works for report it back here.
—Guest Sam


I have chronic bronchitis/ COPD. I don't want to use the steroids or other drugs. I do have an inhaler but what has helped me the most is NAC (astragulas and cordyceps). I have never smoked. Mine came on 7 years ago after having surgery for an aortic dissection.
—Guest Patricia

Herba Tussin and Ginger

Hello. I have the type of C.O.P.D. associated with bronchitis. It tends to get bad in the fall and winter. I had to go to the E.R. a few weeks ago and was given immuno-suppressing corticosteroids that I decided I really did not want to use due to side effects and to the general notion of suppressing my immune system. I also got an inhaler that I was depending on frequently until it began running low. I was very worried about not having the inhaler and knew it would be a royal pain to get a new one. I decided to try Herba Tussin tea from a Whole Foods Store. I also decided to give ginger root a whirl and have been putting a few small cuttings of ginger into the tea water and the tea itself, and I eat the small pieces of ginger when I drink the tea. It is early to tell for sure but, while I was often waking several times a night with horrible phlegm and coughing, it seems to be improving dramatically! I am really thrilled and hopeful about this remedy so far.
—Guest Mike

Marshmallow Root

I am using a product that contains all the herbs that were mentioned here! Also mine has marshmallow root! I am willing to try anything to improve my condition and get off the oxygen!
—Guest Robert E. Beckner

Side Effects of COPD Medications

I've been using a Spiriva inhaler which causes sores on gums, dry mouth and chapped lips. Now, I'm seeking a natural remedy. HELP!
—Guest arnold breuer

Pivotal Health Website

My husband has COPD and had the cough along with coughing up the nasty stuff. I found the Pivotal Health website and ordered the products they recommended for COPD. It has been a miracle for my husband. He seldom coughs anymore and does not have to spit up the mucus all the time. His breathing has been easier, especially at night. I used to stay awake wondering if he was going to be able to get his next breath. It has been a miracle for us. I hope it can help others.

Health benefits of the Nopal fruit.

My name is Allen Seagers and have survived the Chronic bronchitis form of COPD since 1976. At the age of 16, I dove into shallow water from a boat dock breaking my neck and drowning in water with diesel fuel in the water. I came to coughing water on shore and then begin the survival education of a lifetime. An effective anti-inflammation product is needed so I do not depend on Prednisone. Which is a synthetic corticosteroid drug that is particularly effective as an immunosuppressant drug. It is used to treat certain inflammatory diseases and (at higher doses) some types of cancer, but has significant adverse effects. Because it suppresses the immune system, it leaves patients more susceptible to infections. But sometimes Prednisone is essential, I had to take a weeks worth after a bout with pneumonia. Always follow the Doctors advise. This is were an anti-inflammation product is needed to open your airways without leaving us open to more respiratory infections. Nopal Cactus Helps!
—Guest allenseagers

COPD- Remedies

Hello My dad has had copd for aprx 20 Plus Years, the docs can't do anyhing more. The things he takes is for all of his symptoms, not for healing his lungs. so yes we started our own herbals, and I've done alot of research on the matter over the last few years... A few years ago I took him to a MD/Alternative meds doctor, when none of our local docs would write a prescription for a specific med that we heard would work, so the alternative meds doc did and dad took it inhaling it for 10- half months those same docs, were amazed at his lung xrays. But he is getting bad now, so we are about to start some more of the medicine he previously took. If anyone would like the name here it is L- gluithione, Apothcure pharmacy- in Texas has it, and it would be shipped on a UPS truck on cold packs, it slows the progression down, and the patient inhales it. Consult with your doc first, but don't be suprised if he/ she has never even heard of it. God blessed us wih natural meds- let's use them...
—Guest 1dovoteddaughter


I use medical marijuana for my COPD, and fibromyalsia. I can't smoke it, but I cook with it, and eat it. It has helped both. If it's legal in your state you should try it.
—Guest Geda

Cheers for Natural Remedies

Glad to know that herbal remedies are recognized. The COPD I have is 'chronic bronchitis.' Albuterol by nebulizer was prescribed. Didn't do zip -- steroids made me sick -- steroids are the pits. I did research and discovered salt therapy, or speleotherapy I think it is called; a natural remedy. It works! I can breathe! I'm not sick! Told the doc, she looked amazed, and said 'If if works for you, so be it.' I feel this natural remedy is successful for me, and I hope, for everyone.
—Guest Tom Bunny

Eucalyptus Oil

I heard that if you have eucalyptus pure oil and hold it close to your nose it well help people who have COPD.
—Guest noreen

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