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Readers Respond: What Do You Eat To Stay Healthy?

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Updated May 01, 2014

Eating healthy is important, especially when you have COPD. Help others maintain their weight and energy by sharing your tips for eating healthy.

A Food Diary is a Must

I record everything I eat and drink and have learned what foods make breathing harder for me. I eat small meals or snacks. For breakfast I usually have oatmeal or an egg substitute omelet. I have noticed that eating simple carbs makes my breathing very labored. If I drink a soda or sweet tea it is only a matter of minutes before I can notice the change in my breathing. I notice even fruits that have high levels of sugar are bad for me. Foods that create gas are also bad. I eat a mixture of tomatoes, cottage cheese, tuna, onions and celery. It doesn't sound good but I enjoy it. I do eat quite a few salads but eat no fat and or no sugar salad dressings. I usually eat a huge bowl of romain lettuce and spiniach with as many different kinds of veggies in it that have on hand that day. When eating meat I go for the leanest cuts such as tenderloin. I am terrible about getting my liquids in but am going to try to do better at getting my 6-8 glasses of water in daily.

Cook For Yourself

I actually eat much better when I cook for myself. Be glad that you don't have to scavenge through campus food to find healthy vegetarian options!You will have no problems whatsoever. Do you have a Costco membership? If so, you should go there to stock up on the basics: flour, sugar, canned beans, canned tomatoes, olive oil, etc your pantry essentials. Buy fresh veggies for salads, etc. Buy them whole first, and if you find that they go bad because you don't chop them up, start buying pre-cut. More expensive, but worth it if you eat them. I always keep frozen vegetables on hand. I toss them into soup. Some of the blends are good stir-fried. I eat frozen peas out of hand. Yum.Be sure you have some onions and garlic in the kitchen at all times. The enliven everything and make it all worth eating. I also suggest asking Mom or Dad for a quick cooking lesson (or ten) before you leave. Go grocery shopping (and/or make the list with the cook/shopper) with them. In short, get used to it before you need to do it.
—Guest KgxenPfXdCFwz

Keeping Your Weight Down

Anyone new to a COPD diagnosis pay attention: KEEP YOUR WEIGHT DOWN!! The more weight I put on the harder it is to breathe! It's just that simple! Eat moderate amounts of protein accompanied by lots of vegetables and don`t forget to consume oodles of fruit as well. Watch your carbs as copious amounts can lead to undesirable weight gain. I'd like to reach out to "Barend" one more time: I too am a gay man (62 years old) who was recently upgraded to severe emphysema; am a recovering alcoholic (4 and1/2 years) and am also a chronic insomniac as a result of working for an airline for almost 28 years. Guess what, life really isn't all that bad actually!! I try and take things "one day at a time", be positive even when the going gets tough, and constantly try and look at that "glass as being half full rather than half empty". I too smoked like a chimney for 38 years but have decided to forgive myself for doing so! Don`t give in to negativity and do keep busy; you are not alone!
—Guest Denis

Kick The Chemicals, Additives in Foods

Eat organic & free-range. If chemicals aren't good around us, their sure NOT GOOD IN US! Many of us got this way from chemicals in cigarettes so let's say lesson learned and eat CLEAN food. Also, I use organic LIQUID multi-vitamins, minerals, calcium & flax seed oil. I drink Steam Distilled water and use it for hot or cold tea, decaf coffee and cooking foods. Preceded by my faith in GOD, I've had only one bad episode since being diagnosed with COPD on 02/11/2000, using these steps PLUS exercising! We can live a productive, happy life. It's up to us to manage our health and do the things that will improve the quality of our life and the longevity of our life. Our family and friends love us and want us around a long time. Stay active and stay involved in life. I'm determined to have a normal, happy life full of new goals.
—Guest Marj

Kidney and Liver

These 2 foods are full of vitamins and minerals. Along with these and lots of dark green vegetables and fruit, I feel a lot better.

Drink guilt free

Water is the key and lots of it. It helps to clear out any mucus and keep your O2 level flowing......so drink up....water has no calories and no guilt! Plus it fills you up if you drink a glass before eating a meal. You will eat less and gain health. Being over weight is crippling to COPD but one can lose the weight. There is nothing written in gold that say you or I have to stay obese. its simply your choice! PUT ALL EXCUSES ASIDE THEY DON'T WORK. I PERSONALLY KNOW.
—Guest Sally


I love broccoli and eat it at least two times a week. I read somewhere that it helps improve your lungs, or something. It is also low in calories and delicious. Of course, I spruce it up a bit with some cheddar cheese.

Tips for Staying Healthy

I don't eat much and have stayed the same weight for the last 25 years. But there is one thing I have to tell you, I have had many days that I was dizzy and nauseous. My doctor gave me a prescription for dizzy pills, My pharmacist told me that that that was not what I needed to get relief from my dizziness. I then started taking Ginkgo and lo and behold, I am not sick anymore and I can walk straight again. I thought I would let you know.

An Apple a Day

Remember the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? I read somewhere than eating an apple everyday helps keep your weight down, so I have adopted that policy and it really seems to work. If I eat it about 15 minutes before a meal, I feel fuller faster and eat less.
—Guest Miranda

Vegetables are Key

I try to include vegetables in all my meals, even breakfast. For example, I make a vegie omelette or cut up tomatoes in the morning with cottage cheese. For lunch and dinner, I always have a salad with whatever else I cook. I don't eat red meat, chicken, or pork, but that is a personal choice. The only thing that I eat that used to be alive is fish. And, I am trying to weed that out as well. I am finding that there are many other ways to get your protein.
—Guest Denise

Remember to Eat Your Oatmeal

I was diagnosed with COPD 3 years ago after smoking for 30 years. To maintain healthy eating, I eat a bowl of oatmeal every day. I also love to put fresh fruit in it. Eating oatmeal helps to keep my cholesterol down and to maintain my energy.

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