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Daily Life With COPD


Learning how to cope with daily life when you have COPD takes time and patience, but is an essential part of COPD management.
  1. Coping with COPD
  2. Daily Life with COPD
  3. Airway Clearance Techniques for COPD
  4. Breathing with COPD
  5. Improving Indoor Air with COPD
  6. Sex and COPD
  7. Working with COPD
  8. Sleeping with COPD
  1. Dealing with Doctors and Hospitals
  2. COPD and Your Diet
  3. Exercising with COPD
  4. Traveling with COPD
  5. Swine Flu and COPD
  6. Caregiver Support
  7. Handling the Holidays with COPD
  8. Share Your Thoughts

Coping with COPD


Depression - anxiety - remorse. Is coping with COPD difficult? You bet it is, but loading your COPD toolbox with effective coping strategies will help you meet your difficulties head-on.

Daily Life with COPD

Proper Handwashing Technique

When you have COPD, you must discover ways to live that you may not have known about before your diagnosis. Letting go of the past and learning to live differently is challenging, but can be done.

Airway Clearance Techniques for COPD

Upper Lobe Posterior Segments

People with COPD often have problems clearing mucus from their lungs. Airway clearance techniques are an important part of daily living and should be performed on a regular basis to rid your lungs of mucus and reduce the risk of infection. Find our more about airway clearance and COPD.

Breathing with COPD

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises and airway clearance techniques can help clear your airways, strengthen your diaphragm and relieve shortness of breath.

Improving Indoor Air with COPD

Peace Lily

Indoor air pollution is harmful to health and may worsen COPD symptoms. Find out how you can improve your indoor air and live a better quality of life.


Sex and COPD

Sex and COPD

Can sex after a COPD diagnosis still be enjoyable? You bet it can! Learn ways to rekindle the flame that once burned so brightly and re-enhance your sex life.

Working with COPD

Occupational COPD

While it's true, COPD has a dramatic effect on your personal and social life, it also greatly impacts your job and your ability to work effectively. Learn more about dealing with COPD in the workplace.

Sleeping with COPD

Sleep and COPD

Sleep disturbances are common in people who have COPD. From insomnia to sleep apnea, sleep disorders can have a negative impact on your health. Discover how you can get a better night's sleep in spite of COPD.

Dealing with Doctors and Hospitals

Picture of Patient in Hospital

Dealing with your doctor or being admitted to the hospital can be a frightening experience, even for the most seasoned patient. Discover ways to communicate better with your doc and make your hospital admission less intimidating.

COPD and Your Diet

Protein Shake

Some people with COPD require as many as 10 times the calories just to breathe. Others need less calories because being a bit heavier makes it more difficult to breathe and stay active. Whatever the case may be, a healthy diet is paramount to how well you feel and manage the disease.

Exercising with COPD

Exercise and COPD

Good nutrition and a sensible exercise program are an important part of any healthy living program, but they are crucial if you have COPD.

Traveling with COPD

Airplane Travel and COPD

Traveling with COPD can be challenging, even for the most seasoned traveler. But, don't let that stop you! Discover ways to make traveling with COPD safer and more enjoyable.

Swine Flu and COPD

Swine Flu and COPD

The swine flu, like seasonal flu, is something that COPD patients should take precautions against. Find out more about swine flu and swine flu vaccine safety.

Caregiver Support

Caregiver Support

Being a caregiver for a patient with COPD can be one tough job, which is why you will need all the support that you can get.

Handling the Holidays with COPD

COPD and the Holidays

Holidays can be particularly stressful for people with COPD. Find out how you can deal with them more effectively.

Share Your Thoughts

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