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10 Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for the COPD Patient


Updated February 02, 2010

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The Christmas gift ideas shared here are meant to be useful for COPD patients. Of course, COPD patients want other types of Christmas gifts as well, and there are some that they would rather re-wrap and give back to you. After reading this article, COPD patients will have an opportunity to tell us what they DON'T WANT for Christmas this year (and don't feel bad if it is something on this list)!

Are you wracking your brain to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone you know and love who has COPD? Search no longer! To follow are 10 practical Christmas gift ideas that COPD patients may find useful:

1. Crescendo Fitness 80210 Recumbant Exercise Bike

Recumbent Exercise Bike
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
Nothing is more important to the person who has COPD than exercise. Exercise helps build endurance and muscle strength, ultimately making it easier for your loved one to breathe. Recumbant exercise bikes are the hot ticket in holiday gift items this Christmas, and one that will be valued by your loved one for years to come.

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2. Devon Medical Finger Pulse Oximetry Monitor

Pulse Oximeter
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A must-have for people with COPD who are on oxygen therapy, this FDA approved pulse oximetry monitor tells you and your loved one if they are getting enough oxygen.

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3. Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

Because many patients with COPD suffer from COPD complications and may take a variety of medications, a blood pressure monitor is an essential part of a COPD toolkit.

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4. Omron CompAir Elite Nebulizer Compressor Kit

Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
Some COPD patients are lucky enough to have insurance that pays for their nebulizers, but this is not always the case and many are unable to afford one. A nebulizer is an important tool that administers medication directly into the COPD patient's airways helping them breathe easier. The gift that keeps on giving, a nebulizer is something that every COPD patient should have.

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5. Cable Knit Beret, Scarf and Glove Set

Hat, Glove and Scarf Set
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
Keeping warm is especially important for someone with COPD, as cold air tends to bring on bronchospasm and shortness of breath. Nothing will keep you loved one warmer this winter than this gorgeous scarf, hat and glove set.

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6. Drive Universal Nebulizer Carry Bag

Nebulizer Bag
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
A nebulizer carry bag is just the ticket your loved one needs to live a more active lifestyle. Lightweight and durable, this one can be used with almost any compact nebulizer.

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7. Case of Oxygen Extended Length 25' Tubing

Oxygen Tubing
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The perfect stocking stuffers, give your loved one a little extra room to move about this Christmas with a case of extended 25-foot oxygen tubing.

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8. COPD for Dummies

COPD for Dummies
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

A great beginner's guide to COPD. Includes information on symptoms, diagnosis, causes, treatment, and how to cope with COPD.

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9. Breathwish: A Scriptual Guide to Smoking Cessation and Understanding COPD

Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

A wonderful, spiritual guide to give to someone who is having trouble quitting smoking and dealing with COPD.

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10. A Pocket Guide to Spirometry

Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

Handy and so small it fits in your pocket, this guide to spirometry tells you everything you ever wanted to know about spirometry testing and more.

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