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7 Easy Sex Positions for COPD Patients

Save Energy; Reduce Shortness of Breath; Maintain Intimacy


Updated October 06, 2011

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COPD is a debilitating illness that has a dramatic impact on all activities of your life, including your sexuality. In fact, many couples tend to avoid sexual intimacy for fear that COPD symptoms, namely dyspnea, will interfere with the act itself. This leaves couples feeling lonely, disappointed and extremely frustrated.

The good news is that COPD does not have to mean the end of your sex life. The following image gallery presents 7 easy sex positions for you to try with your partner that will help you conserve your energy, decrease your shortness of breath, and best of all, maintain intimacy. And, don't forget to read my tips for enhancing sexual intimacy to help make sex more enjoyable and rewarding for both you and your partner.


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Spoon PositionThe Spoon PositionThe Cross PositionThe Cross PositionSide to Side PositionThe Side-to-Side PositionWoman on Top PositionWoman-on-Top Position
The Intersection PositionThe Intersection PositionThe Scissors PositionThe Scissors PositionKneeling Face to Face PositionThe Kneeling Face to Face Position
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