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COPD User Answers

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What Grows Best In Your Healing Garden?
A healing garden is just one thing a COPD patient can do for alternative therapy. What grows best in your healing garden? Share your story.

Why Did You Decide to Try an Herbal Treatment for COPD?
Herbal remedies are increasing in popularity among COPD patients. Why did you decide to try an herbal treatment for COPD? Share your experience.

What Was the Cause of Your Most Recent COPD Exacerbation?
Share your own story about COPD exacerbation.

Which Symptoms Led to Your COPD Diagnosis?
Which symptoms led to your COPD diagnosis? Share your experience.

What Bothers You Most About the Term "End Stage COPD?"
End stage COPD is a term that makes many people cringe. What do you think about the term end stage COPD?

What Precautions Did You Take Before Having Anesthesia?
Deciding whether to have anesthesia when you have COPD can be challenging. If you are a COPD patient who has undergone surgery, what precautions, if any, did you take?

How Did Stem Cell Therapy Benefit You?
Stem cell therapy is slowly but surely making its way into mainstream medicine as an innovative way of treating COPD and other diseases. Share how stem cell therapy benefited you.See submissions

Fatigue - How Do You Fight Fatigue and COPD
Fatigue is different from ordinary tiredness and is often experienced in patients who have COPD. How do you fight fatigue? Share your tips.

Medication Horror Stories - Share Your Medication Horror Stories
Medication horror stories are something many of us can relate to. Share your medication horror story and how you could have prevented it.

COPD Myths - What COPD Myths Have You Initially Believed
Like anything else, COPD myths are easy to buy into. What COPD myths have you initially believed, and how did you learn the truth?

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