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COPD and the Holidays

The holidays can be challenging, especially if you have COPD. Learn how to handle holiday stress and other holiday matters safely and effectively.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for People With COPD & Other Chronic Illnesses
Need some help Christmas shopping for your friend or loved one with COPD? Check out this list of Christmas gift ideas for people with COPD and other chronic illnesses.

How Can Santa Prevent COPD?
How can you prevent COPD, especially if you are Santa Claus who smokes a pipe and is exposed to air pollution? The following tips should help Santa, and anyone else for that matter, prevent COPD.

Beating Holiday Stress
Let's face it, holiday stress can send anyone over the edge, particularly those who have COPD and struggle to breathe even under the most normal of circumstances. Find out how you can have a stress-free holiday with the following holiday stress tips.

10 Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for the COPD Patient
Are you wracking your brain to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone you know and love who has COPD? Search no longer! Here are 10 practical Christmas gift ideas that every COPD patient will appreciate.

Top New Year's Resolutions for COPD Patients
With the new year, many of you may be thinking about making that one resolution which will ultimately change your life. What's it going to be? Here are some ideas.

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain
To avoid having to start another weight loss program after the new year, try these 6 tips for avoiding holiday weight gain.

Is Santa An Unhealthy Role Model?
Word around About.com's Health Channel is that Santa, the big guy with the long white beard and that over-sized red suit, is not very health conscious, placing him at high risk for a myriad of health problems. So, why am I picking on poor, old Santa? Read on to find out.

Great Christmas Gifts - List of Great Christmas Gifts for COPD Patients

This year, give a loved one with COPD something they can really use. The following list of great Christmas gifts are brought to you by our very own, COPD Forum Members and many are based on personal preference and experience:

How to Spend Christmas in the Hospital
Spending Christmas in the hospital is generally not fun. Thankfully, these helpful tips will show you how to spend Christmas in the hospital.

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