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Updated May 16, 2011

Lung transplant is a possible surgical option for those with COPD, specifically end-stage emphysema who meet specific criteria. Enter the lung transplant image gallery, a step-by-step photo guide to lung transplantation to learn more about lung transplant.

Lung transplants are performed for a variety of lung diseases, such as pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. COPD, however, is the most common reason lung transplantation is performed.

Patients who are less than 65 years old with end-stage COPD in the absence of other significant disease should be considered for lung transplant evaluation and referral. Some programs will consider patients who are older than 65 years, but strict criteria must be met for consideration.

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Respiratory SystemNormal Anatomy of Respiratory SystemEmphysemaEmphysema of the LungsLung Transplant IncisionLung Transplant IncisionHeart-Lung Bypass MachineHeart and Lung Bypass Machine
Aftercare of Lung Transplant SurgeryAftercare
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