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Tips on How to Live and Cope With COPD - About.com
Living with COPD can be challenging. Learn more about living with chronic lung disease, including tips on safety, breathing, diet, and more.
7 Oxygen Safety Tips - COPD - About.com
Oxygen safety tips are essential to learn if you have COPD and use supplemental oxygen. Learn more about oxygen safety tips and how to use oxygen safely.
Living With COPD - About.com
A Day in the Life: Living With COPD Learn to live with COPD inluding tips on safety, breathing, conservation of energy, diet, exercise and travel. 10 Ways to ...
Daily Life With COPD - About.com
The swine flu, like seasonal flu, is something that COPD patients should take precautions against. Find out more about swine flu and swine flu vaccine safety.
Oxygen Therapy (Benefits and Safety Tips) - COPD - About.com
There are many benefits to oxygen therapy, especially if you have COPD or other ... Learn the benefits of supplemental oxygen and why oxygen safety tips are ...
10 Medication Safety Tips - COPD - About.com
Sep 26, 2013 ... Taking medication safely is important, especially if you are elderly, live alone or take multiple medications. That's why medication safety tips are ...
Traveling With COPD - About.com
Jan 11, 2013 ... 10 Travel Tips for People With COPD ... it be for treatment, business or pleasure, adequate preparation is essential to a safe and enjoyable trip.
Caregiver Support - COPD - About.com
... including how to develop caregiver coping skills, stress management techniques for caregivers, home safety tips, how to find the right caregiver for your loved ...
Oxygen Emergency Tips - COPD - About.com
If you have a chronic illness like COPD and are oxygen-dependent via nasal cannula ... Learn more about oxygen therapy and recommended oxygen safety tips.
The Basics of Exercise and COPD - About.com
Nov 30, 2008 ... Learn the basics of exercising with COPD, including types of exercise, how to breathe during ... to speak with your health care provider to make sure the program you choose is safe. ... For more tips on breathing see below:.
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