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Flu Vaccine Immunity: How Long Does It Last?

By September 11, 2010

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Traditionally, most Americans get their flu shots in the very beginning of flu season, generally October or November.  As we talked about yesterday, however, the CDC is recommending that for the 2010-2011 flu season, we get our flu shots as early as August. But, given this early vaccination period, many people wonder, will this protect us for the entire year, or, will immunity fade after springtime?

Experts now agree that the latest research on flu shots supports that immunity provided by the flu vaccine can last well after influenza season is over and even into the following year.  This is good news for COPD patients, who are at higher risk for complications related to the flu.

Remember, though, that prolonged immunity does not mean you should not continue to get an annual flu vaccine. CDC continues to recommend that people with a chronic illness like COPD get vaccinated each and every year.

For more information about how the flu shot can help protect against COPD exacerbation, read http://copd.about.com/od/copd/a/flushot.htm.

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