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Deborah Leader, RN

Furosemide Helps Relieve Shortness of Breath in COPD Patients

By July 26, 2008

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Just when you thought that furosemide, AKA lasix, was just another water pill, you may be surprised to learn that it can also help relieve dyspnea due to exertion when administered by inhalation therapy.

In a study conducted at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, researchers compared the effects of inhaled furosemide on dyspnea intensity, airway function, ventilation and other measurements in 20 patients who had COPD.

When compared to placebo, COPD patients who received inhaled furosemide prior to exercise increased their exercise endurance by an average of 21%, and dyspnea intensity during exercise decreased by 0.9 Borg units.

Researchers concluded that "Nebulized furosemide was associated with consistent and potentially clinically important improvements in dyspnea intensity and exercise endurance in patients with advanced COPD".

The study results suggest the need for further research involving furosemide as a method of therapeutic intervention in the treatment of patients who have COPD with incapacitating dyspnea.

Read more about the study in the July Issue of Thorax.

Photo of "Breathing Treatment" flickr.com, user whineendine

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